Is it possible to give 100% to your career without feeling like you’re neglecting your family, friends and personal interests?

Yes, it is.

Speaking from personal experience, companies providing an ideal work/life balance do exist, and supporting women’s careers is fast becoming a key area of focus for many employers.

However, figuring out which companies truly support women is hard and it’s often not until you reach the interview stage, or worse, join the company, that you may discover how unsupportive the employer actually is. After all, no one wants to ask “do you provide paid parental leave?” at the interview stage!

My cofounder Valeria and I created Diverse City Careers (DCC) because we wanted to make the job search process easier and at the same time, improve how companies support women’s careers.


DCC is Australia’s only job board advertising jobs exclusively with the best companies for women. Since launching in 2015, DCC has won multiple awards and is now regarded as one of Australia’s leading authorities on gender diversity.

Our passion for gender diversity comes from working in IT for several years, and personally experiencing the challenges women often face when working in non-traditional industries. In my first two jobs, I worked in a ‘boys’ club’ environment where I was expected to make the tea, fetch the coffee and take notes in meetings. This was despite me being as qualified as my male counterparts.  The unconscious (or conscious) bias was not just internal – often, I’d meet with clients who assumed I was the IT professional’s assistant. On a more positive note, when Valeria and I started volunteering with Females in IT and Telecommunications (FITT) which is the largest not-for-profit organisation for women in IT, we discovered many IT companies that were refreshingly different. These companies realised their business was more successful through a healthy balance of women and men in the workforce, and worked hard to ensure their workplaces were more inclusive.

Inspired by these companies, we wanted to create an easy way for women to find supportive employers and apply directly to work with them.


The aim was to eliminate hours of research, applications for anonymous jobs via recruiters and time wasted trawling through traditional job boards.

DCC has flipped the hiring process on its head – we pre-screen the companies before they can advertise with us to ensure they are supportive of women’s careers. On our jobs’ board, there is no place for companies with poor internal supports for women, no leadership programs, inadequate parental leave policies, and outdated management practices. DCC will only advertise jobs from companies that we have judged, through a rigorous qualification process, to have genuine initiatives in place to support women, such as leadership and mentoring programs, good parental leave, flexibility, and an overall environment where women can thrive.

We work with a variety of industries and organisations including CBA, Atlassian, Deloitte, Unitywater, Cbus, AustralianSuper, BHP Billiton, Aurecon, McCullough Robertson, AECOM and Bank of Queensland to name a few. Roles on the DCC site range from entry all the way to board level.

On our Best Companies page, job seekers can view why companies are great places to work. They can also access information such as parental leave entitlements and flexible working arrangements.

DCC is influencing positive change in the jobs market- many of the companies rejected due to not meeting our criteria are now proactively working towards improving internal policies to reach higher standards as demonstrated by the other DCC clients.

In addition to our jobs board, we are focus on helping women reach their full potential by improving their soft skills, building confidence, realising their cross transferable skills. DCC regularly hold community events and give away free professional development resources.

Creating Diverse City Careers has been a dream come true for Valeria and I.


We feel so happy to be promoting companies that genuinely care about their employees, seeing women gain employment with these companies, while also growing our internal team of passionate people.

If you would like to be notified when a position arises you may be interested in, you can create a job alert.

We also invite you to join our thriving community on social media to connect with other women, keep up to date with career development articles and events.


Gemma Lloyd

Gemma Lloyd

Co-founder at DCC
In addition to co-founding DCC, Gemma is Company Secretary of the Diversity Practitioners Association (DPA), and has served on two not-for-profit Boards including IT Queensland and Females in Technology and Telecommunications (FITT)
Gemma Lloyd
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