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Meet Willow Willpower


Our founding editor, Sarah Cannata, has signed a global publishing deal with eco-friendly publisher, blOOturtle. Sarah’s picture book, Willow Willpower, is available now – she tells her story about how Willow Willpower came to be.

Inspiring kids to believe change is possible


Willow Willpower has big dreams. Ever since she can remember, she’s dreamt of flying high in the sky. When Willow’s mum takes her daughter to the local museum, Willow gets to know the aviation legend, Amelia Earhart. It soon becomes obvious to her: she wants to become a pilot like Amelia and travel around the world.

Willow inspires children of all ages to dream big, all while whisking them around the globe. Discover some of the most famous places in the world alongside Willow as she takes you high in the sky.

The first Willow Willpower picture book will be available to purchase soon. We hope that you can support Willow on her adventures and expose the little people around you with something that looks and feels very different (in a positive way) – learn more.

Order your copy of Willow Willpower today via this link.

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