I have always been the creative type. Sticking to one particular field felt like torture because from an early age, I had dabbled in multiple passions. I always, as it seems, challenged normal social conventions around the workplace and knew I wanted to build a future for myself that allowed me to work on my own terms, around a family, and that enabled me to give something back.


It was several years ago when I decided running my own business was for me.


I had been working in a mental health service and was completely burned out. The life had been drained out of me because of the sheer volume and enormity of what I was doing every single day. I’d neglected myself in my pursuit of helping others and had not engaged in any self-care for a while. While other people had complex lives that I was trying to fix, my own personal wellbeing had suffered. It took several years to rebuild myself and realise that looking after myself was not selfish. When your tanks empty, you cannot help anyone. Today, I feel empowered and alive and truly feel I am in a much better position to help others.

I studied a mini-MBA type business course and enrolled in a lot of marketing courses when I first decided to set up a business. In fact, I was wearing every single hat. It was then that I realised that collaboration was key. I needed to find someone that had a big, bold and grand vision for their life and believed in female empowerment and business as much as I did.


Best Friends to Business Partners:


I’d originally met Caroline at a women’s event at her home and our friendship developed quickly. I was impressed at how she single-handedly ran her own businesses while raising two children on her own. I was also impressed that she had also managed to pursue her Master’s degree at the same time. She was probably one of the smartest (and glamorous women) I’d met and also had such an optimism about her. She genuinely believed anything was possible. That’s such a contagious trait.

One morning, while having a coffee at my place, I had shared with her how I was setting up my own PR company. Brand psychology was a passion of mine and I knew I could run a business around a part-time counselling practice too. Caroline was shocked, and actually not surprised, because she had wanted to use her passion for design to do the same. Having set up businesses, we both knew that collaboration is key. Any area of weakness or skill-shortage is offset by the other’s talent in that area. We set up the business that very morning.


Why Collaboration is Key:


We both new that in order to succeed and build something worthwhile, we’d need to combine both of our skill-sets. Caroline is stronger in some areas than me and vice versa. We are both ‘get stuff done people’. Caroline has a real notion of excellence and wants to provide the best possible service. She’s also great with people and manages the finances. I share ideas and like to create engaging content for our clients. I am also a fan of educating people and running programmes to teach others too. In essence, both halves make a pretty good whole.

Sarah Tottle

Co-founder at Infomatrix PR
Sarah Tottle is a business psychologist with a passion for helping women become all that they can be. She trained as a psychotherapist and writer, and is currently running a PR firm, Infomatrix PR, with her best friend, mompreneur, Caroline Naguib. Sarah uses her writing skills and knowledge of brand psychology to help businesses tell their personal stories and to help individuals harness their key skills and develop their own unique brand.

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