The Kimberley is home to some spectacular scenery and offers some of the most magical once in a lifetime experiences. If you’re someone who’s keen to explore the great Aussie outback, then you need to make your way across one of the most spectacular rural areas in the world.

Go on A 4WD Adventure Tour and Explore the Outback


If you truly want to venture through some of the most spectacular and remote parts of the north-west, you should consider booking a 4WD Adventure Tour. By booking a 4WD adventure tour, you can explore some of the previously unreachable breathtaking locations.

Jump in your 4WD and venture down Gibb River Road. This roughly 660km long dusty track, although at times can be quite challenging, will reward you with some beautiful locations. The road is the gateway to some of the most amazing locations Western Australia has to offer such as:

  • Mitchell Falls
  • Windjana Gorge
  • El Questro Wilderness Park
  • Manning Gorge

It’s important to be well prepared before setting out on your big adventure. Ensure you have a high-clearance 4WD and for first-time drivers, take it slow until you get used to the terrain. Ensure you pack ample water, food, petrol and gear including a satellite phone in case anything goes wrong. Alternatively, booking a 4WD tour through a well-known Kimberley tourist company will ensure you have purpose-built vehicles and trained tour staff who know the area well and can take you to some of the best locations.

Go Barramundi Fishing


The Kimberley is widely considered one of the best locations in the world for barramundi fishing. If you enjoy big game fishing, this might be the perfect experience. Barramundi has a reputation to be a great fighter with the ability to get off the hook and have a strong pull on the line. It’s makes for a great experience that the whole family can enjoy.

There’s some terrific location along the Kimberley coast to jump on a boat or cast off the beach in the hopes of making that big catch. Make sure you check with the local laws about sizing before keeping any fish you catch.

Fly Over the Spectacular Mitchell Falls


Although Mitchell Falls is in a very remote area of the Kimberley, it’s one of the most beautiful multi-tiered waterfalls in the world. After a few days’ driving you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular site and the ambient sound of tumbling water. The best time to view this natural wonder is just after the wet season when the roads have dried but the water is slow flowing strong.

View Historic Aboriginal Rock Art Paintings


Venturing down Gibb River Road will take you to some of the most rural parts of the Kimberley where some of the most ancient Aboriginal paintings and carvings can be found. Some of the most special locations are the remote Aboriginal art sites at Munurru near the King Edward River. These are on spiritual lands of the Wunambal people and have paintings dated at over 17 000 years old, but they are likely to be even older.

Venture Through Horizontal Falls


Horizontal falls is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in The Kimberley. It consists of two unique gorges of the McLarty Range, both remarkably narrow for this kind of landform. They are known as horizontal falls due to their horizontal nature of strongly flowing water influenced by the tides. So spectacular, the natural phenomenon was dubbed as “Australia’s most unusual natural wonder” by Sir David Attenborough.

Located in the Buccaneer Archipelago, the unique waterfall is not accessible by road vehicles. The best way to experience horizontal falls is by taking a scenic flight over the top or to jump on a jet boat and ride straight through it. This is without a doubt a must do experiences when travelling the Kimberley.

Some Final Considerations


  • You may need a permit to access some areas. Make sure to have a look online before planning your trip.
  • Driving can become quite challenging the further you travel off-road. Make sure you take it slow until you are used to the terrain.
  • You may lose phone signal while travelling the outback – be prepared and ensure you have enough equipment, food and water to last longer than you plan to travel.
  • Seasonality is key. The dry season is from April to September which is usually the perfect time to visit. The wet season is from December to April and brings severe weather and heavy rain. Finally, October and November is known at the ‘build-up’ season and brings soaring temperatures, humidity and extreme thunderstorms.
  • The Kimberley is an amazing place to travel. Whether you’re travelling alone or as part of a group, the local’s are friendly and happy to answer any questions you have. It’s a beautiful place with stunning scenery and lovely culture.

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