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As an adult, I love studying and I can stand tall and proud and say, this woman can study! I have 3 diplomas and too many Certificates IVs to mention them all. I have completed most of them via correspondence and even though some of the subjects have been a bit dry and boring, I have made sure I completed them.

In fact, my last two diplomas, in Chakra-puncture and Remedial Massage with Evolve College have been the best ever. There has been a lot of work to complete, don’t get me wrong, but the course content has been so interesting and all of it makes sense and I love what I have now as tools that I use in my business, not only as a therapist but as a business owner too.


I initially thought studying was hard work, a chore, a painful process…


I had names for it all, based on what I heard others talk about and I believed them as I didn’t know better myself having hardly ever been to school. You see, I have a lot of friends who have a terrible memory of school, and with that, they struggle with studying as an adult. Each time they pick up the book, or even just thinking about it, they get block after block and reason after reason to delay and not do their course.


All of their stories had put me off on some level.


For some, they remember failing at school and are afraid to fail again, so to avoid that, they avoid even starting. For others, they have thoughts that they are just not smart enough because all they can remember is being told they weren’t clever enough or they remember being laughed at in class. For me, I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it having not attended school much at all.

Why is it that we resist learning and studying something that we have wanted to do since we were young, something that could not only change our own future, but that of others too?

Why do we make work, family, friends etc more important than learning something that we are really interested to know about? How would it look if we gave equal attention and time to all aspects of our lives, rather than think that one area is more important than another?

Why is it that we can at times start a course with good intentions but then not finish it?

Are we afraid of how awesome our lives could be when we complete it so we avoid it all together?

Why is it that we can have an experience at school that then effects the way we approach learning for the rest of our lives?

Just because we had one bad relationship, we often bring that hurt to the next one and the same applies to studying, but it can be changed and you can do it if you want to.


I thought that I wouldn’t be able to study well…


As I hardly went to school as a child, I grew up sailing around the world on a boat instead for 24 years and missed most of my schooling years. I have proved to myself that all that it takes is a commitment to finish what I start, and that making the time for my studies is important and I am worth that time.

I realise that through life I have invested either time and or money in a lot of things, and not all of them have been a wise choice but I do appreciate the fact that I have invested in learning things that have helped shape my career and future. Today I run my own business, work as an assessor for a college part time and absolutely love what I do.

If you have been thinking about studying and putting it off for any reason, I encourage yourself to ask why? If this woman can study, then so can you! There is always more to learn.

Rosie Bason

I am a woman of the world, sailed right around and now feel my feet firmly on the ground. I like writing, painting, taking photos and walking down the beach, learning new things as well as getting my hands in the dirt and watching my garden grow. I own Byron Bay Mobile Massage, I work as a trainer and assessor at a college and I parent a teenager in addition to volunteering on various projects.
Rosie Bason

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