What time does your day begin? 


This varies but usually 5am when our youngest boy who is 2-years-old decides it’s time to start the day… Luckily, I only need around 6 hours sleep really!

What’s the first thing you do when you get up out of bed in the morning? 


To be honest, it’s make our youngest boy a ‘bot bot’ (a bottle). Followed by a very, very strong coffee for me and then ‘schnuggles’ on the couch with him while I check emails waiting for our 9-year-old twin boys to wake up.

What time do you begin work and what is the first activity you generally engage in? 


I am officially at the office between 8am to 9am, however, I start work before this from home. Responding to emails is my first task of the day followed by checking in with and looking at sales from the previous day.

Do you schedule in regular breaks and if so, how do you spend them? 


While I do not schedule in breaks, I do make time to go to Pilates twice a week before the days starts. I try and stay flexible and do whatever needs my attention at that moment in time.

What is one thing you do without fail every single day?  


Tell my husband and children I love them and taking the time to sit with them for a cuddle is my absolute must do each day. I also have to start my day with a very, very strong coffee, and I always cleanse, moisturise and treat my skin to only the best in natural, mineral and organic Adorn products – twice a day!

What time do you leave the office?


This varies but around 5pm to 5.30pm. I do work most nights for an hour or so, after my boys go to bed checking and responding to emails. Then it’s time to switch off and relax with my husband watching TV – wine in hand.

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Do you have a favourite quote or saying? 


Just that your ‘gut instinct’ is usually right – so listen to it AND practice living in the moment. Stop feeling guilty about what you should be doing and be dedicated to what you ARE DOING. If you are 100% present and committed to the ‘moment’, be it with your children, work, friends or spending time on your own, you will never have anything to feel guilty about as you know that you give these ‘moments’ your all!

What’s your guilty pleasure?  


I have reached an age where I do not feel guilty for much any more, even eating chocolate which I do most days… but if I was to name something it would be spending time on myself. I can feel guilty about that.

How do you get motivated if you’re feeling drained or not in the mood?  


I listen to my body now and REST and take some time out. I have learnt to say NO!!  And I do this often these days so as to avoid feeling ‘overwhelmed’. Personally, I found that a quick walk around the block, an early night, time out in the bath reading a book, a schnuggle on the couch to connect with all of my boys, or sipping on a scotch with my husband or a friend, to be the best food for my soul when feeling depleted.


Sarah Cannata

Founding editor at This Woman Can
In addition to being the Founding Editor of This Woman Can, Sarah also owns her own professional writing and PR business.
Sarah Cannata
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