My story is proof that resilience is our most valuable hidden asset.

My story could have happened to anyone and I currently have my memoir with an Australian publisher hoping for a positive response about my life. My story is a mix between the movies Wall Street crossed with Philadelphia.


I was a happy 22-year-old from an upper middle class Sydney family…


Swept off my feet by a charming young man. Both of us with glamorous and highly paid roles within the financial markets of Sydney. My partner after our whirlwind 6-month romance was promoted to London, where I was lucky to be transferred with my Japanese merchant bank. He catapulted to the highest of heights in the financial markets, and our life in London and Hong Kong consisted of limousines, maids and flying first class or via the Concord became our ‘normality.’


Our much loved and planned for perfect baby daughter was born…


And then 8 weeks later, after receiving a 5 carat sapphire and diamond ring, I was informed our marriage was over, as my husband forgot to inform me that he is gay.

What followed was a nightmare, not due to his sexuality, but his cruelty. My husband was an extreme narcissist and 20 years ago, this was not widely understood. I was not only devastated at the loss of our marriage, but the battle to fight for what was half mine to be able to put a roof over my head during our divorce was hell. My husband had successfully hidden our money in off-shore accounts, which as a financier, he could easily do.


I was left to raise our daughter predominantly alone back in Australia…


While he continued with his extremely successful Banking career. We eventually became friends as forgiveness is a major part of moving on with your life. My daughter and I were there to help nurse him in his last days as he died far, far too young.


I continued on my financial career to care for our daughter as best I could


She was educated at one of Sydney’s best private schools. Twenty years later, I walked away from my corporate career to create my business, which I had been wanted to do for many years, yet financial fear had held me back. Now a trained divorce and narcissist recovery coach, my business gives me an inner satisfaction I never knew existed within the workforce. To help empower women during a traumatic divorce or relationship, and watch them emerge through the other side into their new lives they have created, is a feeling that no salary could ever compete with.

I currently have clients worldwide who find me, from my many blogs, which have been published on various websites and publications, such as Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, and Elle Australia magazine to name a few.

My most important goal in life besides raising my beautiful daughter, is to educate and empower women in preparing for divorce and in recovery from a narcissist relationship. If one does not understand what or who they are dealing with, a narcissist can and will destroy your life.

I am proof, that no matter what life throws at you, you dig deep into our reserves of resilience and we become better and more empowered and empathic human beings. I am not one bit cynical, or negative and believe in love.


Megan Holgate

Megan Holgate

Life and divorce coach at Megan Holgate
Megan Holgate created her business, following her 25-year career within the financial markets of London, Hong Kong and Sydney. Megan’s divorce coaching evolved organically over many years, helping friends, colleagues and clients through their divorces, following her high-conflict divorce.
Megan Holgate

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