My life’s purpose is to empower women and help them with their own transformation. Through founding my latest business, The Women’s Academy, I am now passionately pursuing this purpose as a Women’s Excellence Coach.

My journey to this point, to achieving clarity about my purpose and my business, wasn’t an easy one. It rarely is for any woman. Around four years ago, I emigrated to Australia. This move in itself was a huge achievement, seven years of hard work to relocate my family to the country of our dreams.

But the reality was that once we were settled, I found myself in a country where I hardly knew anyone.

No friends, no family, no support network.


Add to that a hectic pace of life, managing two young children by myself while my husband worked full-time. I became drained, exhausted, unfit and really unhappy. I felt as though I had lost my connection with who I really was. I felt adrift and could not see any larger purpose in my life.

I remember crying while my children watched with wide-eyes, wondering why mum was so sad. I had hit rock bottom.

Then one day, I decided it was enough. I couldn’t live like this anymore. I realised I had two options: either continue where I was, being unhappy, unhealthy and not living the life I envisaged, or take charge of my life and find out what would make me happy. I chose the latter.

Once I changed my mindset, things came flowing in.


I decided to study nutrition, changed my diet completely and started doing pilates and weight training. My body changed and I became more energised to do more in my day. Improving my health gave me clarity of mind and I decided I wanted to help other mums become more energised and healthy, so I started the first of my own businesses: Lean Mumma Bayside.

I learned I was good at motivating others.


I knew my stuff and I was helping women achieve amazing health transformations! I had taken charge of my life and it felt good. I wasn’t going to stop there. I started working on our home to create a space where I felt calm and centred. I started to go out to find friends. They weren’t going to knock on my door, I had to get out there myself and work on building my own tribe. I had forgotten how important it is to build connections. I discovered that it was my mindset that kept me away from abundance, from love, from living the life I wanted. I realised that I spent so much time and energy in taking care of my family, that I didn’t have time to recharge or take care of myself. When I changed these things, my life got better.

Working with all those mothers wanting to improve their health and fitness through Lean Mumma Bayside, I started to realise that most mothers were exactly like me. These women were drained, exhausted, couldn’t find time for themselves to work out or the motivation to improve their diets. Some struggled with daily life.  I heard endless excuses about why they couldn’t take care of themselves: because they couldn’t find the time, because they had kids, because their husband didn’t support them, because they felt guilty taking time for themselves. They were not taking care of themselves. They were ‘giving it away’, just like I did when I was so unhappy.

It became so clear to me that nutrition and exercise, although absolutely helpful, was not the only thing women needed to change. They needed to change their mindset. They need to believe they are amazing, powerful, loving and excellent human beings that can rule the world! That they can still take care of others while taking care of themselves first. Without feeling guilty. Of course, that’s easier said than done, so I started researching how I could change those beliefs.

I am from Holland and the difference between how women are there compared to here in Australia is huge.

In Australia, there aren’t many men taking responsibility for the daily tasks involved in raising kids. Here, it’s usually the women who give up, or put on pause, their aspirations and their career to care for their kids. Many return to work part-time after becoming mothers but feel full-time pressure to do it well, to juggle ‘it all’. In taking care of everyone, they forget themselves.

In Holland, it is more equal – parents often share the responsibility as men and women are equally supported by employers to work part-time, meaning women have more time for themselves. I began to feel strongly that something needed to change for Australian women because I was working with so many women who felt like they had lost themselves to motherhood. They wanted their ‘me’ back, but didn’t know how to begin.

I knew I could help even more women achieve complete transformation of their lives. From this conviction I developed the five pillars of The Women’s Academy: Wisdom, Body, Space, Tribe and Wealth.

Women will learn how to unlock their untapped excellence with a woman’s wisdom using the power of connections, self-love and abundance to embrace their feminine strength and achieve the body they need to live the life they want.

Marije Pathuis Wahle

Marije Pathuis Wahle

Marije works with women to help them to live their lives to the fullest. She has a range of work experience in education, leadership, consultancy and coaching. In 2015, Marije founded The Women's Academy, which focuses on empowering women to live a life full of purpose.
Marije Pathuis Wahle

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