Can you believe it, Mother’s Day is already just around the corner… so it’s time to start reflecting on the amazing woman in your life who made you and your existence on this planet possible.


Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the sage advice and life lessons…


These amazing women instilled in us from the day they put a roof over our heads. The shaping of our personality, our mannerisms, the way we talk, the way we still answer the phone with a chirpy higher than normal pitched “HelllooooO!” Just like her (or maybe that’s just me).

We would like to share one incredible mother/daughter relationship, which has nurtured and powered a fresh new Aussie business woman and entrepreneur – Christina Su. The owner of the newly launched Australian natural skincare line, Bayeco, and mother of two attributes her happiness and new success to her family who she calls her “rock.” She shared some delightful insights about her mother and how she has inspired Christina to delve into the health and wellbeing arena.

“I have a mum who’s an addict.”

Christina states will a cheeky giggle. “She’s addicted to the gym! She’s 80-years-old and she still goes to the gym 11 hours a week. She doesn’t just do pilates and yoga, she also joins zumba and body jam. She’s fitter than I am!”


Christina’s mum takes her health so seriously that she even says her dying wish will be for her kids is to exercise more!


“I thought she was going to tell me something deep and meaningful when she talked about her dying wish,” Christina continues, “She swears by the gym, and also a good skincare routine that is not about expensive products, but effective products. I’m so proud that mum now swears by my skincare line, Bayeco, just as much as she does the gym!”

Leading by example, our mothers definitely do tend to pave the way for not only our self-esteem but the shaping of our lives. A study by McCrindle indicated that 52% of Australians say their  mother is the biggest single influence in their lives. Four out of five stated their mum was top three most influential people in their life. We have all heard the phrase “Mum knows best!” – a statement Su agrees with.

When asked about being a mum herself, Christina agreed that a wonderful piece of wisdom her mum passed on is one she hopes to install in her kids too. This being the need to take care of ourselves – inside and out – physically and emotionally.


When the most important and lasting relationship is the one we have with ourselves…


It makes sense therefore that we all need to take the time to invest in our health and wellbeing.

“My family keep me grounded in all the chaos and madness in my daily life.”

“I tend to get so engrossed in work and I get very carried away, which is great as I love what I do and I am so happy with the direction we are going since Bayeco launched. But they help me gain perspective. They keep me present minded. So I can focus on propelling my business. I couldn’t do it without them or my mum!”

So here’s to the mums who made us who we are and who we hope to become!

Virginia Brown

Virginia Brown

PR Account Manager and Creative Consultant at The Atticism
Virginia is a PR Account Manager and Creative Consultant with experience in the fashion, hospitality and media landscape in Sydney, London and NYC. She couldn’t possibly contemplate a day without Spotify or a week without Japanese food and coffee is never far from her hand. She prefers her wines bold and red and her puns intended.
Virginia Brown

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