For anyone reading this article, I ask that you open your heart and minds to the lived experience of mental illness.

“So I legitimately cannot even tell you how many weeks/days it has been since my last post. The days almost blur into one.


What I’ve found myself recently is in a never-ending cycle of a misinterpretation of the world.


My mind has spent a considerable about of time and effort in the last however many months that it almost doesn’t know how not to overanalyse, how not to pay attention to every tiny thing, how not to get caught up in catastrophising how I feel or what could happen.

The suggestions of dealing with such feelings/symptoms is to recognise this as part of the anxiety and move on.


That is, however, to say the least, very difficult.


I find I don’t enjoy anything anymore so much as to distract me from these thoughts and feelings. But I know I need to look past that and engage in those things I know I used to enjoy anyway.


Deep down I know I will get better.


I know deep down that one day I’ll look back at these times and almost laugh (or maybe not). But for now… while I am recovering, I just want to yell out into the atmosphere screaming how hard it is to cope with.

If anyone is reading this who has felt/feels the same, please, whatever you do, keep in mind that you’re not alone.” – July 2017

As a bubbly and chatty young girl, growing up in Sydney with a loving family, great friends, private schooling, a great Aussie background and zooper doopers on the weekend, some would say I had it all. You wouldn’t have pictured that the same girl would have written the excerpt above only 26 years into their life. Even if someone had told me this would happen before it did, I still wouldn’t have believed them.

Being one of the most debilitating mental illnesses and the ability to hit you like a tonne of bricks, you wouldn’t think anxiety is as common as it is. However, in any given year, it is estimated that over 2 million Australians experience an anxiety disorder and this doesn’t account for those that experience ongoing anxiety without reaching out for support.


The time has come that we face these facts…


And start paying attention to our mental health. If I could send any message to anyone I can reach, it’s that it is never too late to start investing into your mental health.

With the 360 degree input of social media, current affairs, and constantly trying to get more out a 24-hour day, we are wearing our minds down to a point where mental illness is going to become one of the biggest challenges our world will face over the coming decades.

It isn’t all doom and gloom though. We can overcome this challenge in a very simple way. We need to start talking. We need to start sharing the stories of hardship, of difficulty, of life. We all have challenges and we should never be ashamed to vocalise those. Be it your sexual identity, your nationality, your family behaviours, the way you like to dress, how many selfies you like in one day and delete because you cannot see the beauty in your own self… whatever it is, we are in a desperate plea from the world to open up more and be proud of our vulnerabilities.


We are all afraid of failing…


We are all afraid of being less than what our social media accounts say that we are. People experience more challenges than their profile picture or what they do on the weekend. We, as a human race, have the innate ability to love others, show compassion, and to breathe. We don’t need to learn these skills, but we need to consciously adopt them.

Recover Together Now is a social platform that has been created to provide an awareness and story sharing platform for those who are ready to open up and learn more about how you can improve your mental health. I share my personal experiences from lived mental illness to help others explore how to manage living with a mental illness, how to improve your mental health through simple lifestyle changes, and support to those caring for someone else.

This journey of change starts with one, but can continue with many. Let’s open up and start recovering together now.

Camille Wilson

Camille Wilson

Camille’s passion for this work started following her own recovery from major depression at age 16 and continued to become a Psychology major graduate at UNSW in her early twenties. Camille continued this passion into a career as a Human Resources professional, where she gained invaluable experience across a wide range of organisations. These include Commonwealth Bank of Australia, The Bank of New York Mellon, Fletcher Building, Liberty Global, and Ipsos MORI. Thanks to these diverse experiences, Camille has been able to develop an in-depth understanding on the key problems that a workplace faces in regards to employee health and mental fitness. Camille founded Recover Together Now and Grow Together Now to address these growing issues in the workplace and community.
Camille Wilson

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