Are you building a home and want to maximise your use of space?

You might think you’re restricted due to your budget or block size. However, creating space in your home design doesn’t always mean having to increase your budget. Smart planning and design will help you maximise your space without substantially increasing your costs.

Here are some ways to maximise your use of space when building a new home.


Clever Design Home Builders


To maximise the use of space in your future home, proper planning before starting the build is vital. Look for builders that have a proven track record of building residential homes which demonstrate a clever use of space.


Map Out Your Room Sizes


Consider how you will be furnishing your house when deciding on the size and shape of your rooms. Will a 3×3 metre room fit a king-sized bed, wardrobe and side tables while still being spacious and comfortable? Probably not. Once you have the floor plans, work out how you will organise your furniture in each room to gauge whether the rooms are the right size.


Plan an Extra Room


This one depends on the flexibility of your budget. If you have some wiggle room, try to build an extra room in your house, on top of your required number of rooms.

The extra room can be moulded into anything you might need depending on your situation. Maybe a spare room for when friends and relatives visit, or a kid’s playroom to house their toys. Create your own home office or even a small entertainment room. Having a spare room will give you the flexibility and space to grow and adapt to any event – and is also a good value-add.


Incorporate Natural Light


Look at the location and orientation of your home when incorporating natural light into your residential design. Understanding how the sun moves through the sky will allow you to plan where to have your main windows and skylights placed. Natural sunlight is a great way to increase the sense of space in your home with minimal costs involved.


Plan Clever Storage Solutions


If you’ve noticed some dead space in the design of your home, look at ways to utilise it with clever storage solutions. If you have stairs, use the space under them for storage. Built-in bookcases are also a great storage saving idea. Once your home is built, fit it out with some clever space saving ideas which will help maximise your space.


High Ceilings


High ceilings are known to create an increased sense of room and space in your home. The way the ceiling is shaped also contributes to the spaciousness of the design. For single story homes, aim for a minimum of 2.7m high ceilings. Make sure you consider the costs involved with having a higher roof to decide if it is right for your situation. If your budget is a bit tight, look to raise the roof of a few key rooms in your home such as your living room and master bedroom.


Wide Doorways


Wider doorways or even a reduction in the number of doors in your home helps increase the flow and maximise your space. An alternative is to replace your doors with sliding walls to help your rooms breathe. Creating a flow between all rooms of your home is one of the best ways to provide a more open living area.


Open Plan Design


Create a flow between your indoor and outdoor areas to provide a more open and spacious feel to your home. Planning for an outdoor living area will add a feeling of square footage to your home without the large price tag of an interior room. Your outdoor area should be used as an extension of your home, as a living area to entertain your guests or enjoy relaxing.

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