When I was going through depression and trying a number of different things to get through it, I realised that when you did something, as in physically did something, it helps.  

I’m not a doctor but I’ve read that exercise releases certain chemicals in your body and brain and this can help you during depression. For me personally, as a clairvoyant when I was doing readings for people, I realised that to do them properly, I had to shut off that ‘monkey mind’…  

You know, that constant chatter that you have going on in your mind when you’re depressed?  All those feelings of worthlessness, the constant barrage of negativity that you’re being given by yourself?


It’s exhausting, right? Well, I know that it was for me


Constantly fighting those voices and feelings is completely draining, both mentally and physically so you need to find a way to make it stop.

And I’m not talking alcohol or illegal substances here. All those do is mask the problem, they don’t actually help it and I’m all for doing things that are going to help you get through it, not just put a band-aid over it.

My psychologist at the time was amazed that I could still work, because it’s such an emotionally draining thing, doing readings, but I said to her that it was actually keeping me sane!


Being able to turn off that mindless chatter is just so very important


Meditation didn’t do it for me. My monkey mind just wouldn’t turn off. I tried hypnotherapy and the funny thing is, that these were MP3 recordings and there was a kind of meditation that you listened to with the hypnotherapy going on in the background.

This one night of trying to do it, I pulled the headphones off my head and threw them and the MP3 player across the room because I was just so angry and frustrated!

Hmmm, that’s not how you get hypnotherapy to work!


The point of this is you need to find what works for you


You need to find something to do, a hobby for instance where you become so engrossed in what you’re doing, that you can only focus on that one thing. 

While I love walking, and it’s good for me to clear my mind and just let it wander, it isn’t so consuming that it can shut the monkey mind. Pole dancing, which I took up, does. You can’t be thinking about anything but the move you’re doing and how you’re going to get to the next move or get off that pole!  

Think of an activity that you’ve always wanted to give a go and then just go and do it!  

See if it helps, there’s plenty of things that you can try, again, just make sure that you have to totally focus on what you’re doing and there’s no time to allow your brain to beat itself up.

Apart from the benefits of doing something physical, your nervous system will thank you for giving it a bit of a break, allowing it to rest, because that’s just so important.

Katrina Bart

Clairvoyant medium, author, speaker at Katrina-Jane
Katrina-Jane is a down to earth, ‘out of the box’ clairvoyant medium, multiple times award winning author, inspirational speaker, teacher and thought leader – who is dedicated to guiding people through this experience called life!Her specialities include death and dying, clairvoyant readings, support for sensitive children and empowering women to find their purpose and live their dreams.
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