Imagine what a retired version of you could tell you about what steps you should take in life. Would you listen to the older you? Do you want to know what they would say if they had the chance? I think it would be something like this.

Retirement Is Hard For Many Australians


Many older Australians are finding out, unpleasantly, that a life of hard work is not enough to make retirement easy. They’ve stopped work but they’ve stopped having any money. Would you believe that more than 70 per cent of retirees are trying to make ends meet on less than $300 a week?

Those dreams of endless days on the beach and traveling the world once you’d stopped slogging your guts out for other people? They were pipe dreams. The reality is spending most days worrying about how you’re going to pay the electricity bill and put enough food on the table.

This wasn’t how you’d planned it to be. It’s just how it turned out. Superannuation didn’t provide for the good things in life, just for the basics.

It turns out that you need at least $1 million today (which means that by the time you retire, you’re going to need more) to retire comfortably for 2 decades. Given that Australians are living, longer and longer – you might need to cover 3 or even 4 decades beyond retirement.

Here’s What Your Younger Self Needs To Know About Wealth


Nobody ever became wealthy doing the bare minimum to plan for retirement. If you spend everything you have, use your credit cards to buy frivolous things and don’t take the time to make your money work for you then it’s near certain that you’re going to be in that 70% of retirees living on less $300 a week.

There is a simple way that can help you become wealthy and it requires structure, discipline and routine. You also need to know that you are aiming to become wealthy and that it is not beyond your abilities to become so – you just need the right mindset. The pensioners having a good time in your future developed this mindset when they were young.

And here’s what many of them did to become wealthy:


• They set up a direct debit that took 10% of their wages from the very first day that they got paid. That money went into savings. They never had it, so they never missed it.

• They took those savings and they bought assets with them. That is they bought things that made them money without having to work for that money. Stocks, shares, investment property, bonds, etc.

• They sat down and looked at their expenses and focused on what they needed and not what they wanted. They knew that your expenditure can always match your income if you don’t focus on keeping it under control. They never spent more than they earned. They knew that credit cards were for the bank’s interest and not their own.

• They looked for other successful wealthy people and followed their investment advice. You’d be surprised how many wealthy people are happy to share their ideas. You can find someone you trust to guide you to wealth.

• They paid it forward. They helped other people learn from them and they made them wealthier.

It’s important that you know it’s never too late for your older self to become wealthy but you need to start today to make it so. That’s what your older self wants you to know because when you are wealthy, your life will always be happy and wondrous.

Leonie Fitzgerald

Founder at Wealthology
Leonie Fitzgerald is an advocate for financial freedom, a savvy property investor with an unquenchable thirst for self-education and knowledge that empowers and inspires. Her path to prosperity hasn’t always been an easy one, resulting in her having a desire and determination to help others pursue wealth and create an amazing lifestyle. She knows better than most people, that no matter how careful you are, life can easily change without warning and derail your carefully considered plans.
Leonie Fitzgerald
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