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Founder and CEO at Monarchy Online, Associate Editor at The BMJ, PR, Communications at Rotary Club of London and upcoming film star… it’s safe to say there’s never a dull moment in Kaz Aston’s life.

Multiple Sclerosis

Based in the UK, Kaz Aston’s future was destined to change when in 1995, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Then again, if you ask her, that’s when this incredible woman’s story really began.

At the time, she was training to become a nurse. Today, she’s a global MS campaigner who’s appearing in movies and living life to the max.

“Bright, happy, positive and surrounded by people that love each other. Calm and clear skies that allow me to smile and be free to channel my energies and thoughts.”

Aston’s outlook on what’s ahead mirrors the positive changes she’s made recently having embarked on a complete lifestyle change in January last year in a bid to get as healthy as possible. Like most women, she’s struggled with the notion of loving herself at times. Her advice?

“Give yourself time. Sometimes, you will love yourself more than at other times. Look at the bigger picture – life can get extra busy… make time for you as often as you can so that you can clear your mind and recharge.”

Soon after being diagnosed with MS, Aston deliberately took it upon herself to get out there and to make a difference as a global ambassador.


Like most people with MS, she was determined to live a normal life and given the challenges she’s faced, Aston has proved she’s one tough cookie.

Back in 2007, just when her nursing career was taking off and she’d been promoted within the National Health Service (NHS), Aston’s health took a nasty turn. A rare reaction to an MS chemotherapy treatment resulted in blood poisoning and a very serious decline in health. Thankfully, as declared by her own MS nurse, Aston made a miraculous recovery.

Today, she’s doing her bit to raise awareness for MS and enjoying every second of it. In 2015, she headed up team #gogirl in the top secret 2015 Cannonball Run in Europe and was named as the conference moderator at the fourth international MS patient summit in Rome.

So, although many adventures lie ahead, looking back, what achievement is Aston most proud of?

“That’s a difficult one but I think living alone and managing my life to achieve a happy and positive balance, while driving positive social outcomes that are helpful to others, tops my list.”

Learn more about Kaz Aston here.

3 tips Kaz would pass onto her younger self


1. Always look at the bigger picture and try to open as many doors as you can to make new friends and contacts.

2. Never say never and keep it simple! Seize opportunities immediately, even if you don’t make things happen straight away.

3. Cut yourself some slack and have fun along the way: not everything will run according to plan.

Sarah Cannata

Founding editor at This Woman Can
Sarah Cannata is the founding editor of This Woman Can and is the author of the picture book, Willow Willpower. She's a self-confessed introvert who believes quality storytelling can change the world.
Sarah Cannata
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