“Vinotyping” is the discovery of individual wine tastes and preferences based on individual sensory abilities. Danni Lin began her business in 2015 to provide clients with high-quality wines and experiences. Her goal remains to restate the uniqueness of individuals and uniqueness of each wine.

Lin’s passion for wine…


Was ignited during her years at the University of Washington, Seattle where she began educating herself in the discipline of wine and spirits. Lin often found that her preference in terms of wines was different from her classmates – she could not confidently express her love for sweet wine as it is referred to as “child-like and for unsophisticated taste buds.” At first, she simply categorised herself as part of an “odd group,” which included a small number of people who prefer sweet wine. Then, Lin was fortunate to meet Tim Hanni who is the Master of Wine. He introduced her to the scientific concept of “vinotyping” and how wine preferences are determined by cultural impacts and sensory abilities. This concept has transformed her from a wine novice to a wine educator, someone who encourages consumers to speak their mind about their wine preferences and experiences. This also marked the beginning of her journey with her business, GREAT WINE.

Lin worked on her entrepreneurial ideas while working as a data scientist at Microsoft.


She realised that wine consumers faced various problems when purchasing wines. She acknowledged that in the wine industry, wine critics have great influences on customers’ choices. Many people tend to perceive that the taste of wine is proportional to its price. This misconception has prevented people from exploring their wine preferences. Additionally, the experience of going into a supermarket and getting lost in massive product lists and ads was shared by many. As a result of this, coupled with Tim’s mentorship, Lin decided to build her own wine company based on the concept of “vinotyping”. Her mission is to “create a destination for people to freely express their personal preferences for wine” and to “let customers define what great wine is.”

In 2015, Lin’s company introduced their first wine collection called PERCIPIO. Based on the concept of “vinotyping,” the name includes notions of “feeling,” “observation,” “instinct,” and “experience.” Moreover, with the desire to build a place for people to discover their own wine personality, in 2017, Lin and her team opened their first tasting room in Bellevue, Washington. Since, they have successfully promoted the idea of both “vinotyping” and the company’s wines in the American and Asian markets. In late 2017, Lin and her team are working towards the opening of the company’s first international tasting room in China. Additionally, Lin is also a Managing Partner of eCode.me and myVinotype in China.

Despite being busy running all facets of the business…


Lin devotes the rest of her time towards participating in different news stories, podcasts, and entrepreneurial panel discussions. Being a former data scientist and a female entrepreneur, she frequently faces gender stereotyping and gender inequality. The biggest social assumption is that family should always be a woman’s top and only priority in life, not her career or passion. So, through her stories, she would like to encourage other women to believe that confidence is the root of beauty. Also, she dedicates herself as an active member of the business world and will support more women to remain confident with their life choices.

Lili Le

Lili Le

Marketing and PR Associate at GREAT WINE, Inc
Lili Le is a Marketing and PR Associate at GREAT WINE, Inc. She has gained experience in Marketing and Public Relations with a history of interning in non-profit organisations, the fashion industry and the wine and spirits industry. Le also demonstrates a strong media and communication professional.
Lili Le

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