More often than not, when a business owner or team leader contacts me in regards to workplace professional development training, their reasoning is to address the following 3 common workplace issues.

• A positive workplace culture
• Effective Communication within the workplace
• Building strong relationships amongst colleagues, within teams and the workplace as a whole

It is of course imperative to address these three areas in the workplace as they are key drivers to people engagement, business productivity and overall business success.

People engagement is vital and a key component of a healthy workplace culture.


If the people within a business / workplace feel valued, respected and important, then they are more likely to contribute positively, collaborate, engage, produce quality work, complete set tasks, communicate effectively and try to maintain positive relationships in the workplace.

Just imagine what your workplace could or would be like if the people were not valued? Imagine if the following characteristics were commonplace where you work:

• Late arrival of staff members
• High rates of sick leave, stress leave and leave in general
• A long list of unfinished tasks at the end of each day or week
• An unfriendly and toxic environment
• Low staff morale and commitment
• Poor employee relationships and ineffective communication
• Disrespect, trust issues and negativity are common
• Poor customer service
• Lack of engagement

And the list goes on and on!

To me, effective communication, positive relationships and a healthy and vibrant workplace culture are all achieved when everyone feels valued and that they make a difference to the business. There also needs to be trust, respect and the provision of high quality feedback. And the people need to be valued as highly as the business outcomes, goals and results.

How easy is this to achieve?


Well, I believe it’s all about increasing each individual’s awareness of self. This then has a flow on effect. It means, as we begin to know ourselves, know what really makes us tick, what motivates us and understand why we do what we do, we are also learning about others and the people that surround us at work. The more we learn about ourselves, our own personality and behavioural type and the types that surround us at work, our understanding of others increases, as does our empathy.

Empathy is the key to effective communication, positive relationships and a healthy workplace culture. When we understand why people do what they do, how they make decisions, how they prefer to communicate, their behavioural characteristics, traits, strengths, stretches, motivators and drivers, we can then begin to see our colleagues, our team, our clients as individuals doing the best they can with the resources they have available to them.

Instead of thinking, gosh, x  and frustrates me, we have a greater understanding of why that is. Similarly, instead of thinking gosh, they were so rude and blunt during our meeting today, we can appreciate that they are possibly coming from a different behavioural type to us and therefore, communicate differently. They may not have been being rude at all, they may have just been assertive and direct to keep the meeting flowing.

And yes, there are always exceptions and yes, we will come across people who attempt to sabotage a healthy workplace environment. These people will behave in an unresourceful way and will have a negative impact on relationships, culture and communication. Just remember, there is always a reason for our behaviour. They are choosing their behaviour. What we put out, we get back. Negativity breeds negativity.

E-DISC behavioural profiling is an amazing tool that I use when working with businesses, teams, leaders and employees. It teaches effective communication, building strong relationships and positive workplace culture. Employees, team leaders and business owners achieve real results and growth when they undergo E-DISC Professional Development!

Lou Campbell

Career Consultant at The Career Consultant
Louise is a Career Consultant who specialises in working with professional women. She’s all about working with professional women on career growth, sustainability and change.
Lou Campbell
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