As women, we have so much to offer to the world as mums, working professionals, friends, wives, innovators and so on but we should remember first and foremost, that we have been living under the patriarchy rules for thousands of years.

What does that mean?


Well, many things. And many of them might not be very obvious and straightforward at all! For instance, we might not notice that in society and in the working environment, women are considered as men: good, you might think but actually, it is not good!



Because women are different from men in many aspects. Women operate physically, mentally and emotionally in a very different way, which is neither better or worse, just different! The so much talked about and claimed equality is not good if it entails not considering the differences that make women so unique and valuable.

Women have a different way of seeing life and operating and that includes their approach to business.

What can help a woman in business?


I would answer that question by saying that the first thing that a woman should be aware of in business is herself and her menstrual cycle! I can see your eyes goggling and becoming bigger and bigger by the second while you are reading this!

I am serious about it though, why?

I have been into personal development for decades and for so many years, I have studied and looked into different therapies, attended all sorts of workshops and seminars and spent so much money on courses trying to improve myself but I could never nail down what was escaping me!

Well, I discovered what it was in 2009 and since then, I have been involved in sharing with women my feminine awareness about the menstrual cycle. Our menstrual cycle controls our body, mind, emotions and our spirit too.

Don’t you think that this might also have a little influence on your business if you don’t know how it works? Your business is run by you and, if you are in a low mood and your body is in a low energy state, your business will suffer and won’t flourish. Does this not make sense?

So what is the solution?


Become aware of how you operate as a woman, it is as simple as that! The subject is big and cannot be fully addressed in a short article, but I would like to give you few simple tips that you can implement in your life and your business; you can then investigate the subject further if you desire.

As a woman, every month, you go through phases that correspond to the stages of your cycle: the menstrual phase, pre-ovulatory phase, ovulatory phase and pre-menstrual phase. These four phases are similar energetically, mentally, psychologically and physically to the four seasons of the year and how you feel during them.

  • Winter corresponds to menstruation
  • Spring corresponds to the pre-ovulatory phase
  • Summer corresponds to ovulation
  • Autumn corresponds to the pre-menstrual phase

Think of how your energy is in these seasons…


In relation to your menstrual cycle; can you see a similarity?

In winter you are withdrawn and not interested in the outer world.

In spring you tend to have plenty of energy and feel optimistic.

In summer you are out and about, you can multi-task and are happy to be available to everybody.

In autumn you start counting your pennies and see what works and what doesn’t, is this not true?

You should keep this information at the forefront of your business, if you want it to flourish. Planning according to your inner seasons will help you a great deal! Your life will flow better and you will find yourself thinking: “why didn’t anyone teach me this in my twenties?”

That is what I asked myself in 2009 when I decided to dedicate my life to sharing this simple message with women around the world. This is my suggested action plan for your future:

Track your menstrual cycle and make notes of how you feel throughout the four seasons. Monitor your activities in your private and business life and adjust them accordingly. Review your notes at the end of every cycle and apply any insights to the way you operate Start again every cycle.

Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel

Author, speaker, coach at Flying Inspiration
Gabriella was born in Italy and studied foreign languages at the University of Turin, her home city.
She is a qualified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has traveled around Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Antarctica.
In 2012 she published a book, 'Antarctic Odyssey: a New Beginning,' about her adventures there.
She learnt to fly gliders in order to gain a different perspective on the world and become a real 'Flying Inspiration'! Gabriella is an author, speaker, visionary and coach who helps women to gain confidence, authority and fulfilment in life by knowing better their body.
Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel

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