Stuck in a style rut or is your dining room craving some much-needed love and attention? Dining rooms can be one of the most commonly used rooms in the house when they’re functional and appealing. And with the warmer months almost here, now is the best time to start refreshing your space.

Kitchens may be the centrepieces of our homes but it’s the dining room that creates a relaxed and comfortable seating congregation. Think soft furnishings, cosy rugs and a room that flaunts charm and character. Dining rooms usually work best when they’re open-plan living, multifunctional and connected to the kitchen. Complementing your dining room space with the outdoor space is important too. Both zones should work together to create the ultimate entertaining and living atmosphere in your home. Here are some dining room design tips for the upcoming season to get your space ready:

Push Creative Boundaries


Don’t be afraid to get a little playful with your design. Colour is a quick and easy way to breathe life into a dull looking space and can make all the right statements. A striking piece of art can bring the dining space together and centralise the setting. You can use a statement piece for colour inspiration, which you can draw from to implement in the furniture and accessories to tie the theme of the room together. Update your walls with a fresh splash of paint. Neutral colours and warm, earthy tones will work well with bright colours injected into a feature wall or through art, accessories and furniture. Wallpaper designs are a huge feature for dining room spaces too. Playful pastels are edging their way into the 2017/2018 colour trends and grey is still the new black. Another intriguing colour trend for 2018 is blending pine greens with mustard yellows, royal blues and Bordeaux reds (magenta) to form a 20th Century inspired theme.


Add your Unique Touch


Following design trends is always a great place to start when creating the perfect dining room space, but it’s important to add a unique touch too. This is where custom-made furniture comes in handy. A well-designed dining room suite is the anchor of a dining room and an essential furniture investment for the home. So make it count!

Your dining room table choice should be made from sturdy materials to last through years of dinner and party wear and tear. A custom-made dining table and bespoke chairs can last for many years when crafted with the right materials. Natural materials and the strength and visual appeal of treated wood works with most spaces. Classic country tables always have a trendy appeal in dining rooms and are easily transported into today’s times with modern accessories and design. Movement and the comfort of your guests are key, so choose a dining room suite that fits with the space, with chairs that are comfortable and beautiful.

For larger spaces, consider adding a unique touch with a bar or side serving table too. Ikea is loaded with funky designs available off the rack, or speak to your local design specialists about a custom-made piece to compliment the rest of your dining room. Style it with different accent pieces like vintage stem wear or other accessories that suit your theme.


Bring the Outdoors In


Merging the outdoor and indoor worlds together has been a growing trend for a few years now, but design inspiration continues to take it to a whole new level each time. Adding character to the space through different materials inspired from the outdoors is a good place to start. Texture can accentuate and spine the whole aesthetics of any room. This season, the usage of rich materials is in, mixed with different shining surfaces of metals and dark woods is popular.

Warm colours, natural stone and other earthen luxuries like organic materials and traditional handcrafts continue to gain momentum. These additions add a subtle, yet a welcoming touch of outdoor wonders with indoor living and entertaining.

Invest in the Little Things


Make a big impact with small details. Minor updates won’t take much away from your DIY decorating schedules or wallet but can transform your space in an entirely new way. Invest in the little things, like new dinner wear, colourful candles and mood lighting. Create drama with floor-length curtains – these are great for helping to frame the dining room setting too. New cosy throws, a large exquisite plant for the room and hanging multiple mirrors on a wall adds an extra layer of interest without breaking the bank.

A cleverly crafted dining room space is the hub of entertaining in your home. Make sure you give it the update it deserves this spring!

What design additions will you be implementing in your space?

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