About This Woman Can

Women supporting women… our mission is to empower women and young people by sharing stories. Read more about our journey here.

This Woman Can is an online newshub and digital magazine that helps young people and women to realise and maximise their career and life potential. We do so by allowing women to connect in a safe, online environment and to share their stories and experiences – both the good and bad ones.

We are committed to finding new and authentic voices and publishing stories that empower women of all ages and backgrounds to believe that anything is possible and that they can change their future.

Our mission is to enable our readers to tap into their collective power so that they can help one another to realise their dreams and discuss their fears in a supportive environment where they can get the help they need to create the future they deserve.

The seeds for This Woman Can were planted when our founding editor, Sarah Cannata, hit rock-bottom in her own career after a supposedly dream job quickly turned sour. That experience saw her confidence take a huge hit as she tried to start her own professional writing business.

This led her on a search for information and resources that could help her to survive and thrive despite the challenging situation she faced. It was a real struggle to find voices and people that Sarah could relate to, which inspired her to create that very platform for other women in This Woman Can.

Through This Woman Can, we are filling that gap Sarah found and creating a space for girls and women to feel supported and empowered. Not only is Sarah a voice for women, she has created the platform for women to share their own. Our team are passionate advocates for gender equality.

We’re always just an email away if you have any questions about anything related to the site.

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