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If you’re a quiet achiever or introvert, you’re in the right place. This Woman Can is a safe, supportive online environment where women can own and share their story, while connecting with like-minded people. If you’ve lived the majority of your life being comfortable ‘behind the scenes,’ our mission is to encourage you to share your experience with the goal to help others, all while empowering yourself.

When we combine collaboration, leadership, passion, vulnerability and courage, we’re capable of anything. Real progress is not inevitable, we have to use our voices and stories to fight for it. Quality storytelling can change the world. Let’s go!

‘Stuff it’ moments that changed my life

There are times in everyone’s life when enough is enough. When you’re so exhausted of doing the same dance each day that you have a ‘moment’. You wind up making a snap decision that if we were talking about a movie, would be accompanied by those painful violin noises...

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A slippery slope: shame, empathy and illness

Shame. It’s one of the most toxic emotions and if you give it an inch, it will control your life. Shame is far more clever and wittier than our brains give it credit for and it latches onto the people it knows it can wreak the most havoc on.   I’ve carried the weight...

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