While rewarding, camping with children can often become overly complicated. Kids will be presented with new surroundings, unaware of the location or how to react. Luckily, you can help lighten the load by doing some pre-planning before the trip.

Here are 8 ways you can ensure your camping trip goes off without a hitch.


1.      Keep Kids Involved


One of the best ways to keep children interested in a camping trip is to involve them in the planning. Keep kids in the loop of where you’re planning to go and the activities you’re planning to do. Ask them for some feedback and get them to make a list of things they’d like to do on their summer camping trip.


2.      Plan Storage Solutions


One of the biggest problems you’ll face when heading off on a family camping trip is lack of storage space. You’ll need a stockpile of clothes, toys, food, water and camping equipment, which depending on the number of children coming along, could end up becoming a big problem.

Consider some smart storage ideas. If you’re planning on renting or hiring a camper trailer, look for soft floor camper trailers as they are perfect for family holidays, offering an abundance of space and storage. They’re also a perfect way to carry camping equipment such as gas bottles and water tanks, rather than trying to fit them in your car.


3.      Create A Checklist


Before packing, create a comprehensive checklist so you don’t leave any of the necessities behind. The checklist works great when packing before your trip and for ensuring you don’t leave any belongings behind when leaving each destination on the trip.

Toiletries, medications, a first-aid kit and ample food and water are a must. Don’t forget to pack necessities for your vehicle such as spare fuel, spare globes and a toolkit.


4.      Make Simple Meals


After your fun daily camping activities and exploring, there’s no doubt the kids (and parents) will be starving. Simple meals allow you to prepare food quickly and with minimal effort. Camping also means it’s unlikely you’ll have access to a full kitchen like you’d have back at home. Think about some food you can cook over the fire or prepare and serve cold.


5.      Plan Some Camping Craft and Activities


Before you head off on your trip, think about some great craft ideas you can do while camping. Craft is a great way for children to explore, learn and grow using things they find around the campsite to create something cool and unusual.

As for camping games, think of games that are uniquely played while out camping, or make camping inspired versions of common games. Create a scavenger hunt, it’s a perfect way to have children explore and get involved with the environment. Having children collect empty bottles and rubbish is also a perfect way to teach them about how you can help reduce the harm to the environment by cleaning up after yourself.


6.      Keep to Your Usual Routine


This one is even more important for younger children. Try to stick to your usual routine as much as possible such as having dinner at the usual time and keeping the same bedtime. This will help your children adapt to the new surroundings and ensure they get a good night sleep to keep them happy and energetic throughout the day.


7.      Hygiene


While your kids are out playing and enjoying your camping location, it’s important to ensure they stay clean and free from germs. Look for camping locations that have good amenities such as showers, toilets and sinks. If you’re planning on going a bit more off the grid to a remote camping location, there are some great ways to ensure your kids stay clean, such as creating your own camping hand wash station. Make sure you always pack bug spray to keep your children free from mosquitos and insects.


8.      Stay Sun Smart


Most people head out on a camping adventure during the warmer summer months. This means that sun protection should be a top priority to keep everyone free from serious sunburn or dehydration. Ensure children have a hat and sunglasses and reapply sun cream regularly. As kids will be running around and playing, make sure you have ample water available to keep them well hydrated.

Camping is a great way to get your children out exploring the outdoors. Try to limit if not exclude the use of mobile phones, laptops and internet. This includes both for the children and parents. Camping is a time for family bonding and making the most of our beautiful country.

Have some cool camping ideas? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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