Finding a job can be difficult in the current job market but there are ways that you can maximise your chances of getting hired somewhere while you’re job hunting. By following these tips,you’ll be able to find a great job as fast as possible.


1. Only Apply for the Jobs You Want


Don’t waste your time on jobs that you don’t actually want. The more time you spend applying for every job opportunity that comes your way, the less time you will have to devote to finding a job that you are actually a good fit for and that you will want. If you do apply for a job you don’t really want and end up getting it, it probably won’t take long before you’ll be looking for another job again. Either you’ll find yourself fired because you don’t have the right skills for that job, or you’ll leave because you’re not happy there.


2. Have an Outstanding Cover Letter


Make sure you spend twice as much time on your cover letter as you do on your resume, since this is the first thing a prospective employer will look at. Most hiring managers won’t even look at a resume if the cover letter isn’t that great, so an eye-catching, well-written cover letter is essential for a successful job search.


3. Register with a Recruiter


Many companies register their vacancies with recruitment agencies. Get your CV to a recruiter in a specialist agency and they will be able to match you up with a job that suits your qualifications and experience. It can really give you an edge over your competitor when you use a recruiter rather than going at it alone.


4. Edit Your Resume


You probably shouldn’t be sending the same resume to every job opportunity so make sure you edit your resume to fit the job you’re applying for. For example, if you’re applying for a job in a financial institution, your food industry experience probably doesn’t need to be included unless your specific job dealt with finances. It’s also important to include extra skills and even hobbies that relate to your industry as long as you believe that it will help you. Most employers want to know that you have a life outside of your jobs that also contributes to your skills and will make you a better employee.


5. Dress to Impress


First impressions do matter, probably more than they should, so it’s important that you dress above the position you’re applying for when you go in for your interview. You want to make it clear to the interviewer that you are serious about the position and show that you are a professional, even in the way you dress.


6. Be Grateful


This is something we can’t stress enough. There are people that have landed jobs simply because they took the time to send a thank-you note following their interview when nobody else did. This simple gesture goes a long way in the mind of a potential employer and should not be underestimated. Start showing your gratitude in your cover letter, ending it by thanking the prospective employer for the time they took to read your letter. End any other communications by thanking them as well. When you go to your interview, thank them before you leave, and then send an email or physical card afterwards just to say thank you.


7. Use Your Network


Everybody has a network of friends and family members they can approach when looking for a job. Today, landing a job often has more to do with who you know than what you know, so don’t be ashamed to let your family members and friends know that you’re looking for a job so they can help connect you with people in that industry.

By following these 7 tips for job hunting, your job search will be shorter, faster, and you’ll soon be able to land the job that you want.

Brittnay Sharman

Consultant at The Nut Butter Hub
Brittnay was an HR professional in London before making the move to Dublin. Now she is a consultant who spends her time exploring the beautiful canals, food and beaches of Dublin. She loves to capture her love of food on the The Nut Butter Hub & her adventures of house sitting on The Travelling House Sitters

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