Have you heard of the 6 Core Needs? If your answer is no, you are not alone. It wasn’t until I commenced my own personal development journey that I learnt about the 6 Core Needs. On reflection, as an experienced teacher by trade, I couldn’t believe that I had never come across this very important concept throughout my 20-year teaching career. Everything all of a sudden made so much more sense to me and my love of communication and building relationships took on a whole new level.

The 6 Core Needs has had a profound effect on my life and the lives of my 1-on-1 clients. It is such a wonderful tool to have and as a result of its incredible value, I’d like to teach you the mini version now.

The 6 Core Needs is a personal development tool, originally created and taught by one of the world’s masters of personal development, Tony Robbins.

The philosophy behind it is, we all, each and every one of us, has 6 Core Needs that we must meet in our lives. We will meet these needs either resourcefully or unresourcefully. Obviously, by meeting these needs resourcefully, we are aiming to live wholesome, balanced, and happy lives of the highest quality. Meeting one or more of these needs unresourcefully will have a negative impact on our overall happiness, success and sense of balance.

So, what are our 6 Core Needs?


Certainty – the need for comfort, security, safety, to be sure, organised and planned

Uncertainty – the need for variety, adventure, flexibility, spontaneity, chaos, change

Significance / Respect – the need to feel special, valued, appreciated, important, it’s all about self-esteem, self-worth

Love and Connection – this is all about our relationships with others and with our self, communication, interpersonal relationships

Contribution – giving back, contributing to others and society

Growth – growing as a person, as a team, as a workplace, making society a better place

The first four needs are the need of ‘self’ and the last two needs are the needs of ‘self and others’. To experience total joy, happiness and fulfilment, we need to be meeting all of these needs resourcefully. This is our aim. This is my aim for my clients.

How do these 6 Core Needs impact on our lives?


A lot of women come to me saying that they feel stuck, unbalanced and have hit a fork in the road and they don’t know what to do next. They feel they lack choice and are powerless to make a change. 6 Core Needs is one tool I use to start re-creating balance and harmony.

Balance is not always having even amounts of needs. It’s important to know that although we all need certainty and uncertainty, we don’t all need an equal 50/50 balance of these two needs. Some people need a lot more certainty than uncertainty in their lives and vice-versa. For some, too much certainty can lead to boredom, for others, too much uncertainty can lead to overwhelm. Same for significance, love and connection. If our relationships are struggling, then our self-esteem may be effected and thus, our need for significance will be heightened. If we are not feeling special or valued, then our relationships may be impacted in a variety of ways.

Everyone has their own unique blend of Needs 1 and 2, and Needs 3 and 4. We know when we have the balance right because we feel balanced, centred, happy and content.

Why are the 6 Core Needs so important?


  • We all have them and we are all trying to meet them each day.
  • If we can achieve the right balance of certainty and uncertainty, and significance and love and connection, then we are better able to contribute to society and grow as a person in our community and workplace.
  • We can reduce overwhelm if we have strategies in place to manage it.
  • We can stretch our comfort zones more effectively and confidently if we are not afraid to take on some uncertainty.
  • If we value others, show respect and make others feel special, then our connections with people will more than likely, be quality interactions.
  • When our connections are resourceful, we should feel good about ourselves and have increased self-esteem.

So, my message to you is:


The more we know about ourselves, the better our decision-making becomes. A life of happiness and success is created by knowing ourselves, making great decisions and having the confidence to stretch our comfort zones, stretching out to where the magic happens! To feel balanced, happy, content and successful, we need to reflect on our lives and aim to meet our 6 Core Needs as resourcefully as we can. It is also about putting strategies in place to make any adjustments required along the way.

6 Core Needs: a seemingly simple concept, yet a very powerful and transformational tool that can create balance, happiness and success!

Lou Campbell

Career Consultant at The Career Consultant
Louise is a Career Consultant who specialises in working with professional women. She’s all about working with professional women on career growth, sustainability and change.
Lou Campbell
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