Starting Life Balance Coach in mid-2013 was a hard uphill climb. If you’ve ever taken that leap of faith and started your own business, you’ve probably had a similar experience. It’s one long, hard and heavy slog to create a professional online presence and attract clients.

At the time, I was juggling part-time work, parenting a 10-year-old and completing my studies. Weird because I thought it would be a wonderful year given it was the Year of the Snake. My year!

I’m a wood snake, but I seemed to spend the first three months hissing my way out of miserable relationships and risky business endeavours, and then slithering my way up through the steep learning curve of a Business Plan that included defining your target market, brand strategy, website development, establishing social media platforms, creating a sales funnel that included a newsletter, blogs, a book and sales marketing strategies.

Here are 5 tips to help you to get ahead in navigating that first year to get ahead and show yourself as an expert in your field are the following:


Tip #1: Outsource if you’re crap at doing something


I tried my hand at creating my own WordPress website and it took me a week to just get the social media widgets on the homepage. Then, after creating two homepages, I had a melt down in front of my son and it stressed us both. You don’t have to be good at everything.

Tip #2: Don’t let a full email inbox overwhelm you


I was drowning in newsletters, promotions, courses and personal messages until I created three email accounts. Why three separate email accounts? So I can check them at a glance from my iPhone.  I have one for my correspondence (I check it twice daily), one for all my interest and competitor newsletters (checked at my leisure) and one for coaching enquiries from my website.  Understandably, when I see this last type of email notification I do a happy dance and reply within 3 hours. That way I feel I’m on top of all my correspondence.

Tip #3: Don’t multitask


I wrote a blog on how multitasking is madness and it’s true. Besides ruining two cooking pots, research has shown that it takes twice as long for your brain to switch and adjust to the new task as opposed to staying focused on a single task.

Tip #4: Manage your day into work/family segments


I use to be exhausted trying to power through the day without breaks from work. I’ve found I work best in short bursts.  For example, we all walk to the bus stop at 7.30am, then after walking Buddy, I work/coach/speak/network from 10.00am to 1pm. I’ll spare thirty minutes for lunch and then work till 3pm. My brain is fried by 3pm so I’ll come home and prepare dinner, then spend time with my son from 4- 4.30pm, walk the dog till 5.30pm, dinner and then back to the office to see my final client at 6.30pm. If I’m feeling energetic, I’ll say goodnight to him and carry on till 10pm.  Find what works for you and stick to it.

Tip #5: Build yourself a better life balance in 2017


I’ve realised life balance is an elusive term, so finding your life balance is finding what fits for you and your family. For me, it’s not a balancing act of spending equal time between various areas of my life, but finding ways I can blend both worlds and be effective in each. When I’m not seeing clients, spending computer time at 7:30pm with my now 14-year-old son is a combination of “us” time, laughing together at a YouTube clip, or if he’s busy on a project, it becomes a chance for me to bookmark those personal development stories, check my business Facebook page or create some Canva picture quotes.

What strategies would you like to improve on in 2017?


Fiona Craig

Life coach, psychotherapist and author at Life Balance Coach
Fiona Craig is a life coach, psychotherapist and published author of the award winning self-help book, “Stuck in a Rut – How to rescue yourself & live your truth”.
Fiona Craig

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