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There’s plenty of advice available online for women in business but in my work with women entrepreneurs, I’ve learnt that if any of these 5 factors are missing in our lifestyle, our business suffers.

We can introduce a lot of new strategies available online and offline in order to improve our business but with growing business, comes new challenges and we need to constantly practice what I like to call ‘ our being-ness’ in our everyday life to face those challenges.

Running a business is portrayed in a way that involves a lot of ‘doing’ but if we miss the human element (the ‘being’ part), it makes our lives meaningless. I am sure that every one of us took her first step into business only to make our lives better. So we have got to be cautious about how we manage that balance in our lives.

We as women play quite a few roles in our busy life – wife, sister, mother, daughter, girlfriend, carer and of course, business woman.


The feminine nature within us longs for connection and that is why it is important for us women to maintain a deep sense of connection in the roles that we play in our busy lives.

This is practically possible only when we learn to design a lifestyle that is fulfilling to us and serving our business too.

Most women running businesses tend to operate in a masculine energy which leaves them feeling tired, overwhelmed and burnt-out easily. Feminine energy is our innate nature. Becoming aware of it and intentionally choosing to utilise it in our business is the sustainable way of creating a beautiful life for our self, our loved ones and to be of service to the society.

How do we do this? Here are my 5 tips:



Yes, at times, it will feel like a journey up a steep hill and we will face several obstacles and you will feel like giving up. This is why it is important to constantly remind yourself of the ‘why’ behind the very act of you starting this entrepreneurial journey. You need to get clear on what you really desire out of your business. One tip – write down your desire for your business on a post-it note at your work desk and read it aloud each day before you start your work. This will ground you to your bigger vision and set you in the right frame of mind to start your workday.

Everything is working out for you


Remind yourself of this at all times. I advise all my clients to keep saying this to themselves throughout the day – especially when they feel rushed, overwhelmed, defeated, idea-less or hopeless. Things may not always work out the way you want and that is the reality of the business world. However, nothing that happens in this world goes to waste. You may very well understand this by looking at your past experiences.

The problem is not the problem


We often tend to focus on what is ‘not working’ rather than what we want to create. One of my mentors once told me – ‘The problem is not the problem; the problem is that we are thinking and talking about it.’ This was an eye opener for me. When that business move does not go as we expected, instead of beating ourselves up over our embarrassment and imperfectionism, we must learn to divert our attention to what we want to create. So in this case, it would be what you can do better the next time.



The entrepreneurial journey can feel like a lonely road as sometimes, your loved ones may not fully understand your strong passion and drive towards your business. Your vision is yours, not theirs! It is important to surround yourself with people who are on a similar journey and also with people who are your inspiration on your entrepreneurial journey. This will make you feel supported and motivated. Social media is a great way to create your new circle of entrepreneur friends. When women enter into collaboration instead of competition, the journey becomes easier for all.



One thing that almost every new business woman forgets on the way to creating their business is that life is passing by! We want to be business owners because we want a better life for ourselves but if we do not set up boundaries to when to stop the work, we often end up burning out and take even longer to recover. Every business woman should schedule at least an hour of self-care every single day where they can just do anything that brings them joy, relaxation and restoration so that they can continue to bring in more creative ideas in to their businesses.

Jonita Dsouza

Feminine lifestyle expert and author at Exploring Femininity
Jonita Dsouza is your Feminine Lifestylist and Creatress of Exploring Femininity which is a medicine for modern day busy women. She assists busy women just like YOU to reconnect with their feminine and sensual selves in their daily lives so that they can begin to experience more energy, fulfilment and pleasure without burn out and overwhelm.

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