What do you want your tomorrow to look like? How will your life be different when you get what you want?

The journey to get to your tomorrow will have its hills and valleys but it is ultimately up to you to get there. Each day, you have a choice. Take the opportunity. Put your feet on the ground and chase your future.

Here are 5 simple steps you can take right now that will help you in your pursuit.

1.Believe you are worthy 

Your experiences, your personality and your values are unique and remarkable to this world. Be proud of what makes you who you are today.

Your future doesn’t look at your past. It only wants to know how you are going to leverage who you are today, to make your dreams for tomorrow come true.

2. Build a strong network 

The richest people in the world add to their network each day because there is strength in numbers. For example, an army of 500 may have no experience, weapons, or strategy but it will beat an army of one any day.

A strong network is the most important thing needed to propel anyone forward.

It’s important to commit to connect with someone new each day. Using social media, going to a friend’s party, or volunteering your time are just a few of the ways you can meet people.

Adding to your network doesn’t require business attire. It requires desire. When you care about the other person, you can make strong connections in a very short time. Of course you care about them. You need them in your army or your network, even if you don’t see any additional value to the relationship when you initially met them.

3. Use your toolbox 

A repair person would open a toolbox to find the tool needed for the task at hand. Your network is essentially your resource toolbox. It’s vital for your future. Never avoid using it. Open it. Assess which tool or contact you need and use it.

If it ends up not being the right tool or right connection, it’s ok. Just go back and look for the right tool or connection in your network. You may not have what you need on-hand… not to worry: your network has your back.

But they can only be there for you if you ask for their expertise.

4. Develop a personal mission statement

If you have never developed a personal mission statement, make some time to do so.

A mission statement is the core foundation to any good business and it can also be the cornerstone to your personal dreams. Spending time developing your personal mission statement can reduce stress and create clear focus in all aspects of your life.

Your business mission should fold into your personal mission statement. Ideally, every aspect of your life and your efforts will focus on your personal mission.

5. Strive to make today your best day ever

No one is more of an expert when it comes to your life than you are. Scientists say it takes 10,000 hours of experience, practice or repetitions to become an expert at something.

The questions remains: what kind of expert are you? Are you an expert at ok days, good days or the best ever days?

Too often, life has people running from one to-do to the next and the art of making today your best day ever, gets lost in the hustle and bustle. If you strive to make today your best day ever, chances are, your tomorrows will be better than today.

It’s your life. Choose it each day. Make tomorrow better by making today your best day ever.


Virginia Phillips

Author, speaker and personal coach at Triumph After Trauma
Virginia Phillips is an author, speaker and coach who empowers people to create and make an impact. She's also the founder of The Academy of Entrepreneurial Excellence.
Virginia Phillips

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