There are many factors that go into the ranking lists of top United States cities. Of course, opinions vary depending on who you talk to. Some people are very dedicated to their homes and believe everyone should agree. But, we cannot make a list like this based on dedication and emotion. Many companies detail a list annually. We have taken reports from U.S. News & World Reports, The, Real estate and our own research to present the list below. Based on this data, we offer you our top 3 places to live in the United States in 2019.

In order to make the list, the following things were taken into consideration:

  • Transportation and ease of getting around the city
  • The job market and job opportunities
  • Crime rates
  • Education, from preschool through college
  • Cost of living
  • Average Salaries
  • Housing


Number 1

Dallas Texas

  • When reading through the collected data on the subject, you will find various cities that are located in Texas. Austin, Texas is ranking very highly. But our pick is still Dallas.
  • Whether you travel by car, bus, taxi, or DART (rapid transit that runs 20 routes through Dallas) you will find it is easy to get around in Dallas.
  • Due to many huge corporations, there is no lack of work in Dallas. According to The Biz Journal, Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas has a wide open job market on every level.
  • The housing market is hot this year. From starter homes to luxury homes, there are plenty to choose from. However, many people moving to the Dallas area are young executives and recent graduates who are not ready to plant their roots quite yet. They would rather have a state of the art apartment like The Urban Avenue, and for good reason. These luxury apartments are affordable and give the tenants the best of everything. They get to live in luxury now and decide on where to settle down later.
  • Annually people travel across country and even abroad to attend school in Dallas. If you are seeking the city of knowledge, this is it. There are 33 colleges within 40 miles of Dallas. There are also, plenty of trade schools, No matter what field you want to go in, you can find your education in Dallas.
  • According to, The Best Places report. Dallas cost of living is in line with other cities around the nation. If you plan to buy a home in Dallas it puts you just over the national average.


Number 2

Austin, TX

Texas is on fire this year. Another great city comes in at number 2. Austin, Texas

Is second to none in the technology field. This draws a lot of high-tech employees.

Transportation is not an issue. There are several bus systems in Austin. Some are non stop to particular areas, and thousands of people use them every day. There are student shuttles which makes like much easier for the student that attend 1 of the 10 colleges and universities in and around the area.

Austin is going through a commerce growth era, creating lots of jobs for all levels of skill. The cost of living is in line with the rest of America, and the crime rates are low.

One thing Austin has going for it is a thriving and growing world of culture. With a network of museums, theater, and art, Austin has established their place in the art industry. Austin aso has the Southwest Festival which draws people interested in film and television. Music is a huge part of the festival, but then there has never been a shortage of musicians in Austin.


Number 3

Colorado Springs, CO

There just could not be a more beautiful place to live. If you love a bustling night live, snow skiing, kayaking, mountain climbing or any other outdoor activity, this is the place to go.

Colorado Spring is one of the best cities in the world for their public education systems. The college preparedness is among the best in the world. With several military bases in or near the city, crime is very low. There is also a heavy presence of aerospace. This is a diversified city with ample opportunities for employment. The cost of living here is about equal to Dallas. However the housing market is booming with houses just a bit less than other desirable places to live.

We encourage you to do your research and maybe take a weekend vacation to get the feel of the areas you are most interested it. We promise it will be anything but boring.


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