Led by professional writer, PR consultant and published author, Sarah Cannata, we believe in equality, diversity and providing women with a voice via our platform without fear of ridicule or shame. When we combine collaboration, leadership, passion, vulnerability and courage, we’re capable of anything. Real progress is not inevitable, we have to use our voices and stories to fight for it.

Are you ready to join a community of people dedicated to empowering women to become tomorrow’s leaders by tapping into the power of storytelling? Are you ready to position yourself as a leader, achieve your business goals and drive change through storytelling? Welcome to This Woman Can!

Storytelling is Your superpower

A refugee in search of happiness

At first glance, Ferial Youakim appears similar to any other woman. She has a successful business as an image consultant, an adoring husband and three grown-up children who make her proud. Beyond what’s visible on the surface, Ferial’s remarkable story epitomises...

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The keys to capturing the modern market

It is easy to see that the marketing landscape has changed in recent years. Social media, the ever-evolving digital landscape and the impact of technology on our lives means business owners need to constantly regroup and re-assess how they go to market. Consumer...

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Living with clinical depression

Depression is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot and in my opinion, I feel it is used far too much. Far too many people assume to have it when they don’t. A bit like the word ‘bully’, don’t start me on that one! Over the coming weeks, I’m going to share...

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