Whether via our online community and magazine where women share their own versions of success, or by utilising storytelling to maximise business results with Public Relations (PR) and copywriting strategies, storytelling is the fabric that unites us.

Led by professional writer, PR consultant and published author, Sarah Cannata, we believe in equality, diversity and providing women with a voice via our platform without fear of ridicule or shame. When we combine collaboration, leadership, passion, vulnerability and courage, we’re capable of anything. Real progress is not inevitable, we have to use our voices and stories to fight for it.

Are you ready to join a community of people dedicated to empowering women to become tomorrow’s leaders by tapping into the power of storytelling? Are you ready to position yourself as a leader, achieve your business goals and drive change through storytelling? Welcome to This Woman Can!

Storytelling is Your superpower

Aussie singer Thando finds her voice

“Don’t change anything about yourself to fit into what you’re hearing on the radio. Do you, and do it proudly and people will take notice when it’s time.” These are the wise words of advice that Australian singer, songwriter and actor, Thando, has for aspiring...

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Being real: the power of authenticity

I used to think that life was all about advancement: ticking the right boxes, making the right contacts, doing the right things. This is the story of how I learnt to connect with young people and why I came to value that connection above the need for acknowledgement....

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Women to watch in 2018 and beyond

It’s International Women’s Day and this year's theme is Press for Progress. Here at This Woman Can, we believe each day is a day for women to be celebrated, beyond the avalanche that typically hits our news feeds and media during the second week of March. That said,...

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“The key thing I love about Sarah is the way she focuses on quality and strategy, as opposed to quantity. Anyone can get you tonnes of exposure in low quality places, but Sarah takes the time to get to know your brand and gives sound advice on how to best position you in the market. She is about making you newsworthy, as opposed to getting you exposure, which really takes you to a higher standard. She’s very knowledgable – working with her has been the best decision for my brand.”


“Sarah is brilliant at taking dry, complex content and turning into something engaging and digestible so that people actually want to read it! She’s capable of writing across a variety of sectors and channelling different audiences. Sarah is passionate about using storytelling to maximise business results and drive change.”


“Sarah is my ‘secret weapon.’ She captures my podcasts so perfectly and adds a whole new dimension to my blog posts now. I have never liked writing so Sarah takes my podcasts and radio interviews and turns them into a lovely summary that I can easily post.  So easy – so convenient!! She has taken my business to a new level and she is the ‘one to watch’ for sure!!”


“I didn’t need a blog writer, I had plenty of time to write 4 blogs a month. And then reality hit! I didn’t have more than 5 minutes a week to do this. And then I found Sarah. She is fabulous! Not only did she provide ideas for my blog topics, but she wrote the content too. Sarah is a pleasure to work with, she responds promptly and provides me with great content every month. Thank you!”


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