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Storytelling is Your superpower

Request change beyond Flexible Working Week

It’s true, there is a special day or a week dedicated to a cause each day. Some are for charities close to our heart, some are so left field they are off our radar, and then there are those days which pop up that can spur us into action because we know they make sense...

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5 top tips for wellbeing in the workplace

I have a confession to make. I just might be a workaholic. And the weird thing is, I’m strangely proud of it. We wear it like a badge of honour, don’t we? Telling anyone who will listen how busy we are, even as we drown in a constant flood of work emails, texts and...

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My year of living vulnerably

The Oxford Dictionary defines vulnerability as: “Being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.” Brené Brown, the Queen vulnerability studies, describes vulnerability as: “Uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.” You...

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How to use video to get the phone ringing

Have you shot videos about your business with little or no improvement in customer enquiries? As frustrated as you may be, don’t delete your YouTube channel yet. You may be making a few mistakes in your creative process – which are entirely fixable. In this blog,...

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